Gerths Funeral ServiceMemphis — The Gerth Funeral Service building in Memphis is the longest continuously operating funeral home in Scotland County. Our colonial style front is well lit and over over 100 feet of covered walk way completely covers and protects our families from the elements. Our large covered walkway is just one of the unique ways that Gerth Funeral Service goes the extra mile for our families. Since 1904, we have gained a reputation for doing more for less. Our facilities are the first of many examples that make Gerth Funeral Service the best choice for funeral care in Northeast Missouri.

Renovated in 1994, the fully furnished parlor provides comfortable seating for over 70 people. Featuring unique American artwork and traditional furniture, the room can be used for a visitation or as an extension of the chapel. The parlor allows for a spacious meeting area for family and friends to reflect and take solace in a comfortable and relaxed surrounding. When coupled with the chapel, the parlor can easily hold a gathering of over 200 people.

The parlor features a stereo system with CD and tape capabilities, as well as a tie in to the building’s overall sound system. That allows for an overflow crowd during a funeral service in the chapel or separation for a person who may need to step out of the chapel during the service to still hear what is going on from the lectern or the live musicians inside. Designed with several soft high-back chairs, two large sofas, and smaller conversation pieces, the parlor provides a unique and comfortable setting for friends and family to gather.

The non-denominational chapel can comfortably seat over 140 people. It features a classic stained glass entrance, stereo sound system, an organ and piano, and microphones for a speaker and a vocalist. The room is also able to be arranged several ways in order to accommodate a family’s wishes. There is also available private family seating to the side of the chapel.

Gerth Funeral Service offers free use of our kitchen and dining facilities to our families. The kitchen offers a stove and range top, microwave oven, coffee and iced tea makers, a buffet style counter top, and a refrigerator. The dining area includes a removable cafeteria style seating option (see thumbnail) as well as restaurant-style seating. We are able to seat and serve gatherings of between 30-40 people for a luncheon or dinner before or after a service. The use of the kitchen and dining area is free to our families. In addition, if the family decided to have an outdoor luncheon at another site, Gerth Funeral Service offers the use of 50 wooden outdoor chairs free to our families.

The funeral home now has become more than just a site for the service, it is a place of remembrance with the focus on the survivors. The staff at Gerth’s is trained to help with the grieving process through a variety of techniques and tools. Gerth’s has just added a library with helpful publications and periodicals dealing with grief. There is even a small candle to light in this room designed to provide a little solitude and a chance to reflect and remember. This room can also provide a private place of solace for a person during a visitation or service.


For children, we have a specially designed room filled with books and games to keep occupied. During a visitation or service, young children easily become restless. Featuring coloring books, games, and a TV/VCR combo and a selection of Disney movies. This room is designed to allow guests to grieve while not having to be constantly concerned with the children. The room also has speakers from the chapel for a parent and child during the service. Another free option available only at Gerth Funeral Service.


Gerth Funeral Service also offers a complimentary van for the pallbearers.